hey guys, what's up?

whats up people! just thought i would stop by and right some stuff, i guess. well today i posted my first vid on youtube, hmm what else...well before i continue if u want to check it out my channel is Electkra Drawz, yeah i know its pretty casual and so original but whatever.....hmm what else...well happy late fourth of july to everyone who celebrates it, also im just saying all these things because i have nothing else to talk about. so heres my question of the day! if you could take three things from you room with you on a v.k., what would they be? leave an answer in the comments if you'd like, or just keep it to urself if you like. i can't promise but hopefully i'll have something more interesting to talk about next time, bye for now! :)

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Comments (2)

  1. roe

    lol…my phone, clean underwear and my credit card

    July 08, 2017
  2. pistachio_farts

    Well I can’t go walking around naked so.. Clean clothes/underwear.. Uhm, my wallet, and.. My phone o: gonna be going barefoot ._.

    July 09, 2017