summer is coming to an end....

hey guys, i thought i would just write a little something on the summer ive had so far. Well first off, ive been to the drive in more times that i can count...and to be honest its probably one of the only exciting things ive done, i just feel like i should be doing more you know? I mean theres only so much i CAN do, which is why i have my hopes up for the b-day this august. It would be great to have a day where the expectations are actually high, if u know what i mean. so yeah, summer reading here and there....and some swimming too, but i guess in reality my summer has been similiar to bunch of others teens. so i hope everyone who sees this has also had a somewhat-legit summer too. Question of the day: whats the most interesting thing you've done this summer? electkra out!!;)

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